North American Toy Line

Ultraman toys were released in North America by DreamWorks and Bandai in 1991. The toys were rather large and had some discrepancies in terms of character names and colors. The toys came with stickers and in colorful packaging with a large window to see the figure. The toy packaging was designed by The Mednick Group of Culver City, California. The design firm specialized in video games and was well known in Japan. The firm was hired to help introduce and launch Ultraman to the U.S. market and created the productions style guide, title treatment and logos.

The back of the packaging for the Ultraman, monsters and Hummer Jet showed the entire toy line including the Saltop vehicle, but the Saltop was never released. Originally the Ultraman figure was to be more articulated and be less muscular but was changed prior to release. Additionally the entire UMA team had been designed as 3 inch figures, but only Jack Shindo and Charlie Morgan were released. There were blue and red color variants of Jack Shindo, but the reason is unclear. A brochure at a North American toy fair in 1991 showed the monsters in colors reflecting their appearance in the show, but were changed prior to production. The brochure also showed a Gigasaurus toy, but it was only released in Japan by BanDai.

Ultraman Great Toy Fair Flyer 1
1st Toyfair Insert Showing More Articulated Ultraman Figure and Unreleased UMA Team Figures
Ultraman Great Toy Fair Flyer 2
2nd Toyfair Insert Showing Original Colors and Unreleased Saltop Vehicle
Ultraman Great Toy Fair Flyer 3
3rd Toyfair Insert Showing Original Colors and Alternate names

The company DreamWorks appears to have gone out of business or was acquired by BanDai around 1992 as the Clash & Thrash City playset released only in North American and not Japan had changed to BanDai. The BanDai toy line released in Japan reflected the Japanese names of the characters and the monsters were sold with paper tags attached to the figures instead being packaged in boxes. Only the Ultraman figure labeled Ultraman Great and Hummer were sold as boxed items in Japan.

8″ Ultraman figure with 3″ Jack Shindo in red outfit