Giveaway Contest

To celebrate the upcoming release of Ultraman Great on Blu-ray, we are giving away a few vintage Ultraman Towards The Future VHS promotional posters from 1993. They are new in plastic and are 100% FREE, but we ask that you cover the shipping cost from Los Angeles to your location. Send an e-mail to with your name and address you want your poster shipped. You can pay the shipping cost via PayPal or Venmo. Limit one poster per entrant. Good luck!

Jacket and Insert Scans Added to LaserDiscs

I have finally been able to locate a scanner big enough to accommodate scans of LaserDisc jackets and inserts. Like magazine scans, these take awhile to clean up and restore. Fortunately the results have been very good and the cover illustrations by Koichi Miyajima (宮島浩一) look amazing.  The first batch of images have been added to the LaserDisc section.